PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. That sounds a bit terrifying but it usually isn’t if you know what you’re doing. Our experts are highly trained and work around the clock to make sure your ad spend doesn’t go to waste. We beta test ad campaigns before pushing a full-blown campaign out into the world wide web to sink or swim.

Here’s how they work. PPC is a form of advertisement that you see in multiple places like Facebook (when you scroll down your news feed and see a sponsored ad…that’s PPC), Google search engines, and other places. You essentially bid on a certain number of keywords and depending on the commodity level of those keywords you can get your ad spend down to pennies per click. These are the best ads because you can spend a lot of money and you’re paying only pennies for the clicks. Imagine how many clicks you can get on $500!

We look at your current conversion rates and the rates of your competitors and posture your ads for absolute success. We have tiered pricing depending on the size of your business and the amount you are most comfortable spending on each ad campaign. Contact us today for more information.

Features Starter
(Per month) $2000        
(Per month) $4000
(Per month) $6000
Minimum Duration 3 months 3 months 3 months
Networks Google Google/Facebook Google/Facebook/Bing
Citation Listing Yes Yes Yes
Initial Estimate Report Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Recommendation Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Keywords No Yes Yes
Campaign Setup/Ad Optimization
Text Ads No Yes Yes
Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing No No Yes
Google Analytics Set-up No Yes Yes
Campaign Management Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Ads No Yes Yes
Gmail Ads (GSP) No Yes Yes
Landing Page Optimization No Yes Yes
ROI Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Techniques
Reporting Bi-Weekly Weekly Daily
Google Analytics Report (Monthly) Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Consult Schedule Consult Schedule Consult