Creating a Facebook Group – 2020

How and why to create a Facebook group in 2020.

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Group

It’s 2020 and almost everyone has a social media account of some sort. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform around the world. Facebook is a fantastic place to market your business. That being said, there are two great tools FB offers in order to market your business and narrow down your target market. These tools are Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. I already explained how to create a Facebook page in a previous post. You can find that here Creating a Facebook Page – 2020

So why do you need a page a group? That’s a great question! The two are quite different. Think of them as a small lead funnel if you will. We know when it comes to marketing anything, multiple exposures are what lead to the sale. The issue with just pushing ads, however, is that sale is final. Usually, after a customer makes a sale they don’t return. You can’t consistently count on them to continue to purchase from you. Now, if you have a great retention rate that’s great but a FB group can increase that even more.

Facebook groups are more exclusive. Your customers and audience feel like they are a part of a community when they are added to the club. This is also a great place to share directly from your page so more people see it. The way FB algorithms work can be tricky. They have mastered not giving away free marketing space. So if your copying and sharing links and your posts are getting a lot of traction, don’t get too comfortable! It’s only a matter of time before the algorithm tracks you down and starts hiding your posts from your audience. Don’t fret! There are a few workarounds but we are only going to discuss one today and that is the FB group!

How to Create a FB Group on Your IPhone

I have attached some screen shots that will make this really simple. If you’re doing this on your desktop or lap top computer keep scrolling down…it’s the next section.

First click the little three lines at the bottom of your screen in your Facebook app.

Next select “Groups”
Finally “Create”

NOTE: You may have to scroll to the left or right a bit to find the “Create” button.

Be sure to read the notes a litter further down on setting up your Facebook Page!

How to Create a FB Page on Your Desktop Computer

First click “Create” at the top right of your screen after you have logged into your FB account.

Next select “Group”

NOTE: If you’re a network marketer, keep in mind some companies do not allow you to set your group to “public”. Check with your upline to verify this is okay. If you have guidelines saying you cannot have a product group until certain requirements are met that is okay focus on creating your group for your team members and just leave it at that until said requirements are met.

Important Notes

After you have created your group be sure to fill in as much information about it as possible. It’s okay if you don’t have everything right away. You can always go back and add new information as your group grows. Be sure to set your rules if you have any that you want members to follow and set your settings for member approval and posting as needed for your preferences. This is your baby! Don’t be afraid to take charge.

Start engaging with your group immediately. Don’t invite them and let them fall asleep. It’s also a good idea to link your Facebook Page (not your profile) to your group. This way you can share posts directly from the business page to the group to include any promotions or contests you may have coming up.

Post meaningful content relevant to your brand. DO NOT SHARE SOMEONE ELSE’S CONTENT! If you like the pic, save it to your computer or phone and share it yourself. Otherwise, you’re driving traffic to someone else or some other brand.

Go live in your group and engage with your group audience this way. Everyone in the group will get a notification and invite to your live always.

This is a great place to build a Community! Give stuff away free! If you’re a blogger, give away free advice and tips on your blog. If you sell something, create an announcement to sign up for free samples. Encourage people to invite to your page or your group by hosting a contest where the most invites tagged in a post wins a free prize! Make it fun and engaging!

Facebook groups are also a fun place to post behind the scenes videos and photos exclusive to the group! This makes your audience feel special and privy to information others are not!

That is All!

You have everything you need to start your FB Group! Get to work! If you’re running a product/service group…invite everyone you know and invite frequently. We recommend inviting newbies at least once a week. Feel free to share the group in a message as it’s more personal than just hitting the invite button…however, both work just as well! I hope you found some value in this content! Until next time!

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