Being Instagram Famous Doesn’t Equal Business Success

Followers and likes only get you so far.

Why is it that so many people believe you have to have millions of followers and thousands of likes on ever post just to build your business successfully? Network marketers are notorious for falling victim to today’s newest marketing tactic. You have probably heard the term “Attraction Marketing” or “Social Marketing”. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you don’t need to waste your time with these tactics to be successful.

Whether you are a network marketer or a traditional business owner, LISTEN UP! Stop wasting valuable time you could be using to monetize your day and really work on your business, doing meaningless things on social media. We as a society have been taught to believe that “All Out Massive Action” is a necessary step in #winning at this entrepreneur game. It’s not! It’s a lie! “Now now now…back up Alle! Slow down! You’re talking crazy right now! Tons of folks are doing it on social media and they are killing it! So it has to be possible right?”

Instagram Isn’t All Bad/Neither is Facebook!

Lets back up a bit. I don’t hate social media. I actually really enjoy using it to connect to people and I’m so thankful they have provided us this tool that works great for marketing FOR FREE! So I cannot sit and complain about algorithms or rules and regulations and community standards. Although, let’s face it. It does piss me off that Facebook won’t allow me to use my website on my Facebook business page or even on my IG (Facebook owns IG). But I find workarounds like typing it out “w-w-w dot…” you get the point.

Even though I don’t think Facebook and IG are innately bad, I do caution you in using it as your only means of marketing. There are tons of folks out there building successful brands and businesses through strong email campaigns, word of mouth, reviews and even person to person networking or networking events. You don’t have to develop a stiff neck from being on a phone or computer all day long to succeed. My lawn care guy runs his own business and he kills it! Not on social media. He literally went to as many homes and possible and introduced himself. He goes to the HOA meetings and offers his services when folks complain about the notices they received for their grass being too high. He does such a great job that everyone always suggest his business first to neighborhood newbies! He has less than 300 friends on FB and doesn’t even know how to use IG or twitter! Yet he is making bank.

Followers Don’t Equate to Customers

I have thousands of followers on all platforms including YouTube. Although so few of them actually are paying customers to my businesses. it’s so important to know that just because folks are following or liking your pictures and your posts doesn’t mean they are ever going to buy anything from you. They may just think you’re attractive, or funny, or they want to still your posts and use them as their own original content, or maybe they are following you because they want you to buy something from them. Who knows? And who cares?

It is important to identify a target audience and focus most of your time and energy on them and on your paying customers. Don’t keep chasing customers that aren’t interested. You can utilize analysis tools on all social media platforms to see what type of people are liking and following you. What posts are getting the most attraction and what exactly is drawing the attraction? See my photos below. I posted two totally different things. One was for my target audience and it got lower interactions and the other was just random engagement and it blew up. But I assure you the smaller number of folks interacting with my “targeted post” are the ones I’m going to focus my time and energy on…they are the ones that are more likely to support my business.

Take Away

All in all, social media is a wonderful tool you can utilize for free to market your brand or business; however, they have strict rules and algorithms that you have to take time to understand in order to be truly successful. Gone are the days of the social media sensations that hit it big because going viral doesn’t really mean you’re making money. Focus your time on your target audience and your paying customers and for Pete’s Sake! Get out there and open your mouth and do some good ole fashioned peer to peer networking. It will feel good to move away from the screen a few times a week…or more.

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