Become a Successful “Mom-preneur”

Knowledge is power!

What is a Mom-Preneur?

You may have heard this term before. I’m definitely not the first to use it. You know those ladies that are ranting and raving about staying home with there kids? The ones that are likely spamming your social media inbox with the infamous “Buy this from me and help make me wealthy” messages! Those that are constantly posting about how their business has provided them with the ability to stay home with their offspring. We have all seen them! We are all friends with them! We all get annoyed by them…am I right?

But what exactly is a mom-preneur? She is someone that has seen a vision of some sort on how she can stay home and raise her kids while still providing for her family to some extent. She may not be an Instagram model or the most popular kid in school but she has a heart of gold. She may not always be put together or displaying the newest Louis Vuitton bag. You have probably even judge her and said things like “If she’s so wealthy, why can she afford to dye those gray hairs?” or “If she has so much time freedom, why doesn’t she have time to talk to me?”. I can explain all of that.

You see, being a mom-preneur means she typically wears multiple hats. She is likely Sally the maid, Holly the homemaker, the family shrink, husband’s massage therapist, Nancy the nurse, BOSS BABE, mommy (and sometimes daddy too), hair stylist, nail/makeup artist, tutor, personal playmate, teacher, chef, Martha Stewart, business owner and likely team leader. WOW!!! I’m sure there is even more out there. That’s a lot of hats. Can you imagine having time to listen to your friends cry about their boyfriend that just dumped them when you have all of that to take care of as well…lets not forget, your life happens to and you still have bills to pay and relationships to keep alive.

A Healthy Balance

When one person takes on so many roles, as I can attest to, you must find a healthy balance. The first thing to do is prioritize your entire life. If it doesn’t need oxygen, food and water to survive it is not your first priority! If it isn’t going to benefit you in anyway, it isn’t a priority (I know that sounds selfish but trust me on this one you will see why).

My priorities look like this:
Kids and Hubby
Dog and Cat
My Businesses
My extended family and close friends
My Home
My Job
My Fitness/Hobbies

See…Living and breathing comes first after that I must bring in money to my household to keep everything else operating smoothly. The reason prioritizing is important; is because without it, you may be giving all your attention and energy to things that don’t really deserve it. Now this is just the way I prioritize, everyone has their own agenda.

The next step is keeping a schedule. Once you have your priorities lined out it’s really easy to schedule them. I know daily I need to devote at least 30 minutes to God, after that its my kids and my hubby. I ensure we have time in the morning to chat, I call my hubby every day during lunch and I set a minimum of 10 minutes of play time with my daughter in the evening and the baby gets his time while I nurse him and play in between diaper changes. The dog and cat get fed every morning…it’s on the schedule. My business gets 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening with some intermittent times on lunch breaks and the weekend is full force. Then my extended family comes in…this means any event they have, I put it on the schedule and move lower priorities around to accompany them. Notice I said lower priorities…you don’t move a higher priority to accommodate for a lower one. This is why your schedule and list of priorities is important. Keep them side by side. I think you can see the trend here. I won’t walk you through my daily tedious schedule all the way ;-).


The most important part of this all is mindset. You can read every book under the sun and listen to every motivational speech on YouTube, but if you don’t have a “VISION” of what your working towards it will never make a difference. The only difference a successful person has from an unsuccessful person is vision. If you cannot dream and formulate goals and ideas about where you’re going you will never get there. The broke man stays broke because his mind is broke. You must fix your way of thinking to achieve your goals. Hell, you must set goals to achieve goals. So many people say, I’m not good at this or that so I won’t be successful. NOPE YOU SURE WON’T! Not with that attitude. You must put your success goggles on that blind your peripherals and focus on the task at hand. Be present in your journey and embrace every struggle on the way up for that is what creates success. Not words, not books, not even speeches but your own obstacles. So long as you understand that you must and will fail on the way up, your spirit cannot be broken.

I have friends that would rather complain about their situation than do something to fix it. I have friends that will say I can’t afford to take advantage of an opportunity like that, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money! WHAT!?!?! If you cannot afford to take advantage of opportunity you can’t even afford to dream! You cant afford to achieve anything. What are you doing wrong? You better go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your life because HONEY, YOU ARE DESTINED TO LOSE FOREVER WITH THAT MINDSET!

You see real winners say, “Man, I need to do that…I’m gonna make that happen…I will not let anything stop me….I don’t care who laughs at me….I don’t need you, all I need is my will to win…I’m going to the top with or without you”. Winners don’t make excuses they make moves! And that is why mindset is so important. You can prioritize and schedule but then what? You will never take action without the proper mindset.

Being Human not a Greed Machine

The last part of this system is knowing where you fit into this world. You see, people hate being sold and they especially hate being sold by someone they know closely. If you’re attacking your business with that “blind-hungry” method, you not only will fail tremendously but you will likely ruin some friendships along the way. The particular industry this applies most to is network marketing. People hate being sold and when you go spam your girlfriends’ inboxes with the “Please buy my product and make me wealthy” method, especially ones you haven’t talked to in years, you are gonna piss some folks off. I have done this and learned my lesson the hard way. See, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Don’t go spamming the world hoping someone will bite. I had that experience in dating and didn’t realize how relate able it was. You know when guys start sending unsolicited pics of their male anatomy. Don’t flatter yourself, you aren’t the only one getting that pic. They are sending it out to about 20 females hoping at least one will be impressed right? Don’t do this with your business. Share what you love with your friends and family and don’t push them to take part in it. What you love may not be their cup of tea but it doesn’t mean that relationship is dead.

I hear people say all the time, “If they aren’t willing to support my business, why should I support theirs?” Guess what, is Walmart supporting your business??? NOPE! But I but you are still shopping there! Lose that mentality and be human. View your business and all other small businesses out there as a Walmart. No thank you I don’t want your bananas I like the ones and Kroger better…or yeah sure I’ll try your bananas they are a little bit cheaper. Why not. It should never be, “Oh you don’t want my bananas? Well screw you then I’m not gonna try your apples!” Keep your business business and your personal personal without confusing the two! šŸ˜‰

That’s all I have for you. I hope you learned a little about what a mom-prenuer is and I hope if you are an entrepreneur you got some value from this. Subscribe to my email list and I’ll let you know when I have new posts.

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