Business Consulting

MYB is dedicated to serving businesses in all stages from start up and growth phase to sustaining and scaling phases. If your in business then we are here to support you. We offer assistance with SBA loan applications, business plan development and refining, venture capital “Ground-up” assistance, POS and accounting assistance, business audits for profits/losses to improve spending and make the most of your revenue, and so much more. We are one of the top business consulting firms in Dallas, TX and we strive to maintain that reputation by fostering reputable and honest business practices.

All too often business owners open a business because it’s something they are passionate about. So why not make some money doing it? This typically leads to owners missing or misinterpreting integral parts of their business structure and leading to the business’s ultimate failure and demise. This is where a business consultant comes in. Hiring a business consultant will eliminate the possibilities of missing these important steps and requirements like registering your corporation with your state workforce commission for unemployment taxes or filing for your state sales tax permits.

Hire one of the top business consulting firms in Dallas TX and rest assured that your business will blossom from a wilting weed to a beautiful spring flower. A business consultant can give you the peace of mind you need to run your business and not worry about the small menial tasks. Go with one of the top business consulting firms in Dallas TX. Go with MYB, Inc. You won’t be disappointed when your bank account goes from scarce to comfortable or better.




  • Includes a general business audit of business plan
  • Business processes, business systems
  • Business finances
  • Or 2 hours of general counse

Business Launch


  • includes 50 hours of general counsel which can be utilized for business production, operations, development, recruiting, training, sales, networking, and super-connecting services
  • Also includes an additional 4 teleconference/videoconference or in-person meetings totaling up to 360 minutes (90 minutes each).

Premium Business Package


  • Our consultant will team up with your company as a pseudo member of your company with daily involvement with business owners and managers with the goals of 1.) enhancing the current business, 2.) creating a new business, or 3.) funding/selling the business.
  • There is a 3-month minimum with this package.