Business Fundraising

Startup Business Fundraising

Let us fund-raise for you
Fundraising can be a second full-time job for founders, and we want to help you get back to doing what you do best: running your business. This package is designed for startups that need a dedicated team out there fundraising on their behalf. In this package we include the following benefits:

  • Director of Investor Relations: A dedicated expert to join your team, showcased on the pitch deck and the main point of contact on our outbound fundraising efforts
  • Full suite of funding materials: pitch deck, business plan, financials, etc.
  • We complete full application process to targeted Angel Groups, syndicates and VC firms that are the best fit for your group, either pitching to them directly or bringing the CEO/COO

We call, email, LinkedIn message, knock on doors of and have coffee with our extensive investor network, pitching your business for funding (maximum of 5% of experts time dedicated to fundraising).